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Patrick   Palucki   is   a   media   artist,   commmunication   designer   and   explorer   of   consciousness.   He   creates   concepts   for   novel   ways   of   communication   and   media   applications  for  emerging  technologies,  for  instance:  custom-­made  software  for  realtime   video   improvisations   (2000),   interactive   video-­installations   (2000),   video-­environments   and   video-­mapping   for   theatrical   performance   (2005),   ultra-­high-­res   composite   photography   (2005)   and   visualizations   of   brain-­activity   in   VR   (2014).   Contentwise,   he   focuses  on  topics  of  consciousness.    

Patrick   engaged   in   interdisciplinary   research   and   development   with   neuroscientists   on   novel   brain   computer   interfaces.   He   was   a   member   of   the   Neuroscience   Research   Group   led   by   Dr.   Michael   A.   Persinger   at   Laurentian   University   in   Ontario,   CA   (2015   -­   2017).   He   has   presented   at   the   conferences   “Towards   a   Science   of   Consciousness”,   Tucson,   Arizona,   “Science   and   Nonduality”,   San   José,   California   and   “Transformative   Technology”,  Palo  Alto,  California.

He   studied   design   at   Goldsmiths   College,   London   as   well   as   media   art   and   visual   communication   at   University   of   the   Arts,   Berlin.   Patrick   has   engaged   in   and   led   productions   on   the   ground   in   London,   Berlin,   Tokyo,   Taiwan,   Thailand,   Burma,   Nepal   and  New  York  ranging  from    grassroots  level  to  medium  size.  His  work  has  been  seen   internationally  on  festivals,  in  single  and  group  exhibitions  and  nationally  in  museal  group   exhibitions.   It   has   been   awarded   with   the   Mandala   Award   of   the   European   Institute   for   the   Media,   the   Focus   Award   of   the   School   of   Applied   Sciences   Dortmund   and   the   Special  Prize  of  the  Marler  Video  Art  Award.       

In   South   Asia,   he   spent   five   years   at   the   interface   of   Hindu-­Buddhist   and   shamanic   wisdom   traditions,   ritual   and   performance   and   co-­produced   several   intensives   on   this   topic.   Patrick   also   co-­authored   an   operatic   performance   about   climate   change   for   the   United   Nations’   60th   anniversary   in   Asia   which   was   performed   in   the   conference   hall   of   the  UN  headquarters  in  Bangkok,  2007.