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12 Week Personal Coaching Program

My life isn’t categorisable in old-fashioned terms of success. It is a unique trajectory of meaningful vision and purpose that has brought me to find exactly what I had (consciously) set out for.

By birth I was endowed with a non-trivial alteration of eyesight - basically being blind during daylight. I didn’t let this stop me from working as a professional photographer or from living in 7 counties and working in 9.

I will teach you tools and insights, I have discovered and learned to evolve, re-invent and re-structure myself. I willl teach you methods that are proven to yield success to help you reach your goals. You will experience gains within weeks and reach milestones within 3 months. If not you can quit and get refund for unused service.

Who is this for:

  1. You are in a difficult period, a crisis, recovering from a burnout and want to lay out new tracks for you.

  2. You want to find or increase wellbeing, performance & flow.

  3. You want to find and live meaning beyond spouse-kids-house.

  4. You want to get into the flow state and grab the opportunities the universe is lining up for you.

  5. You want to live out of purpose instead out of consensus.

  6. you want someone on your side to discuss your things with and an online course is not cutting it for you.

The coaching program runs for 12 weeks. We meet once a week by phone/video for 60 min. We review your situation and you will receive actionable tasks.

If you want to raise your standard, write me and we will arrange an introduction call.