I am a developer of consciousness, creative, futurist and founder.

I founded an Institute for a novel human-led method for healing trauma and past pains based on breathwork and mindfulness.

Before that, in 2015, I co-invented a pioneering VR brain-computer interface software for learning & training meditation and progressive states of consciousness. I have engaged in award winning interdisciplinary research with neuroscientists and clinical psychologists. I was a member of the Neuroscience Research Group led by Dr. Michael A. Persinger at LU, Ontario (2015-17), presented & exhibited at conferences s.a. “The Science of Consciousness”, in Tucson, “Science and Nonduality” and “Transformative Technology” both in Silicon Valley as well as at Harvard. I have also co-authored a peer-reviewed clinical study.

I am on the creative continuum oscillating between invention and discovery and came up with: emergence in semantics (1998), novel media applications for emerging technologies, s.a. software for realtime video improvisations (2000), video-mapping for theatrical arts (2005), ultra-high-res composite photography (2005), visualizations of brain-activity for neurofeedback in VR (2014) a.o.

Originally from visual arts, I studied Design at Goldsmiths College, London, Experimental Media and Visual Communication at University of the Arts, Berlin, with a diploma in design. My visual work on consciousness has been seen in museum group exhibitions, single & group exhibitions and on art-festivals. It has received awards: e.g. the Marler Video Art Award Special Prize, the Focus Award of the School of Applied Sciences Dortmund, the Mandala Award of the European Institute for the Media.

I love to be home in the world and I am happy to have lived in seven countries and worked in nine. I engaged in or led productions in Canada, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, France and New York.

I practiced a multitude of ancient and futuristic awareness techniques. In South Asia, I lived five years at the interface of Hindu-Buddhist traditions, ritual and ancient theatrical arts and co-produced several cutting edge intensives on these topics.

Honored to have co-authored an operatic show about climate change for the United Nations’ 60th anniversary in Asia which was performed in the conference hall of the UN ESCAP headquarters.

I love to be in awe, engage in experiential modalities and mountain bike. I provide coaching to help clients get into behavioral plasticity, meaning in life & happiness.